Where I’m coming from?

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I think a lot and something I’m told too much LOL. I’ve decided to write out some of my thoughts  & share with the world. I’ve been asked, “Where did you come from & where are you going?” Both great questions and I must say, I have given much thought to where God has brought me from and where he is taking me. I spent most of my younger years in Dangriga. I am the second of six siblings brought into this world by Mervin & Juanita Budram Sr. From a young age, I was introduced to God and the things of God especially because both my parents are Christian. I fellowshipped at Faith Assembly Of God Church where I was involved in worship, teaching, and assisting musically at the school. Around my later teenage years (16-18) I went through a dark period of my life. During this period of rebellion, I made a lot of really foolish decisions that hurt many close friends, family, and leaders at that time. I relocated from Dangriga to Belmopan with a lot of questions that needed answers.

After wandering around a couple months, I made a choice to plug into Jubilee Ministries pastored by Scott Stirm. That was the first good choice I had made in a while. I submitted myself to Scott Stirm – a senior leader at Jubilee. – Scott was not easy on me as we processed my wrong choices. I went through a period of deep heart repentance. Breakthrough was taking place in my life. I recall a Friday night of weeping as the lord was freeing me up and ushering me into manhood and destiny.

In April of 2003, I broke my ankle, heel, and instep from falling or rather chasing a ball off a cliff. This accident ushered me into one of the most changing periods of my life as I was privilege to move into Scott’s home. I lived with his family for approximately five months and during those months, I experience the greatest breakthroughs in my relationship with God. And it was simply because I was seeing the Word lived out in a real practical way. Truth, vision, purpose and most importantly family was written on my heart. As I often tell Scott, while at his house, I was like a parasite – sucking every bit of knowledge, values, truth, and principles that I could get in that time. – I’ve looked back and I can see tremendous growth and maturity over the past year. My life’s direction has changed from one of mediocrity and inaccuracy to one of discipline, destiny, excellence, accuracy, and relevance. These are the main teams in my life at the moment

I believe that God has placed the mandate of taking the Gospel firstly to our home then to the ends of the earth; preparing those for the glorious coming of our Lord. I’ve dedicated my life to this truth and the call of missions whether, through the work field, family or the privilege of going to another nation see others get saved, disciple and equip to bring others into the kingdom. My heart is the see the kingdom of God advance and enlarge and also to see the church rise up with Truth and become a relevant, accurate voice in this land.

Working with Shamax Productions & Belize Internet Marketing formerly WSI in the early days introduced to me to numerous skills I’ve grown to love. I’m presently the founder and owner of TAS Belize,  a one-stop shop marketing company in Belmopan. I’m also the founder & director of Roots and Honor Records, a Belize record label based in Belmopan.

What I’m seeing in the whole area of missions and ministry is bringing the Gospel to the nations in ways they can relate. It is reaching out to this generation with the mediums that are present; Music, Television, Print. It is taking the life of the gospel to the people in their own language. I see this being done by ministering in music, reaching out in television, print and whatever means the media provides; But mostly through my life and my family.

Here’s my challenge to you… “Love God with all your heart & chase hard after His dreams & you will make a lasting impact in this world for His glory.” 

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