Take The Gospel Youth Fest 2022

On October 8th, 2022, MD Music & Ministries launched the Take the Gospel (TTG) Youth Fest. TTG Youth Fest is a one-day community outreach designed for youth and young adults, but open to all ages. This positive event features sports competitions, fun games, a dynamic concert & inspirational messages from motivational speakers; all geared toward inspiring, motivating, and transforming the lives of the young and young at heart. The event showcases Belizean talents as well as creates yet another platform for them to share their stories through expressive arts such as music, dance, drama, spoken word, and other art forms.

A Call To Consecration

Preparations leading up to the event began early. A series of worship and prayer nights were held on August 13th & September 8th in Belmopan and Dangriga calling the churches in those areas to a time of consecration. Over 600 youths & leaders from San Ignacio, Belmopan, Dangriga & Hopkins gathered for those times fro. The theme scripture was Joshua 3:5 “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.”

The Miracles

Mervin shared on his Facebook wall testimonies of God’s miraculous hands leading up to the Take the Gospel Youth Fest.

Presenters included DJ Alvin, Pastor Kevin Tzib, Royal J, Kelsie & Kemuel, Messnjah, Reformation Dance Team, the Levites, Live to Worship, Pastor Ruth Pipersbergh, Casa Worship, Pastor Louis Wade, Dunamis Worship Team, and Cornerstone Dance Team.

Five teams competed for the coveted first-place TTGYF 2022 Volleyball trophy, but only one proved victorious. Team YWAM, led by Elisha McKoy, was undefeated and won the prestigious first-place title. Team Insane-Nerz, led by Kerwin Palacio, came in second place, followed by Team BelNaz, led by Shevaun Bevans, which cruised into third place.

The organizers are grateful for the assistance of the Belize Volleyball Association, Belmopan City Council

MD Music & Ministries is a music and creative arts movement developed by Mervin & Ruth Budram to help people DISCOVEREMBRACE & FULLY EXPRESS who JESUS IS, who THEY ARE, and  THEIR PURPOSE. It’s our purpose to inspire people to freedom & wholeness. Their vision is to see whole people who know God and express Him freely.

We’re all aware of the negative impact COVID had on the physical, mental, and psychological health of people globally. Our children & youths were not exempted from this. There’s been an increase in suicides, violence, depression, anxiety, and many other ills among our young people. We believe more now than ever safe spaces and platforms for healthy expression, connection, release, and revitalization need to be created. It’s our aim to use the Take the Gospel Youth Fest as a tool to continue meeting the above-mentioned needs.


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