Music is necessary

No Matter the need

Hi and thank you SOOO much for making it here. My name is Mervin Budram – MD and I believe that Freedom & Wholeness is everyone’s right; and it’s achievable through faith, family, and community. I also believe that music plays a key role in influencing culture, bringing about transformation in the lives of people; and it is fundamental for a life of joy, freedom & wholeness. Music is a channel of healing & freedom. YES! Music is a powerful tool.

It is our goal to bring a class of music as an art that people not only appreciate but can relate to, learn from, and more importantly grow; No matter their background.

I want to invite you to partner with me to create music that moves people towards a life of freedom & wholeness and make it FREELY available to EVERYONE.


There’s so much we want to get done in the next few years which includes creating more music, producing some amazing videos & short films, and helping 10 thousand people find faith, family & community.

Our mission is massive, and we would love your support to help us execute our plan


1. VOLUNTEER: People willing to give of their time and talents are essential to help us reach our mission. Volunteers are always needed in the following areas:

  • Beat Creation
  • Studio Engineer
  • Cinematographer
  • Writer/Editor/Communications
  • Graphic designer
  • Web-designer/maintenance
  • Social media guru
  • Email Marketing guru

2. MAKE A FINANCIAL GIFT: Thank you for supporting MD Freedom Music! Your financial gift will help us get closer to accomplishing our mission. Kindly see the Non-tax deductible ways to give:   

  • By Zelle:​
  • By CashApp:$MervinBudram​
  • By Paypal:​
  • Kyash (Belize Bank): 6148540

FOR DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT or ONLINE TRANSFER in Belize: Kindly make payment to
Budram Solutions
Heritage Bank Ltd
Account #6131050

Note: Kindly include donation details in the memo

3. BECOME A PATREON: Consider joining our family as a patron and be a part of this special journey. With your help, we will help more become free & whole. Please note, I will most likely only release one to two patron-supported videos/month. You can set your monthly max so you never go over your monthly budget! For your partnership, I am offering some pretty neat rewards.

4. SHARE THE MUSIC: Are you a DJ, Radio, or TV Personality and you’d like to receive copies of our music to share on your rotation. Kindly sign up for our distribution mailing list.

MD Freedom Music is a branch of Budram Solutions, a social enterprise founded by Mervin & Ruth Budram with the purpose to inspire people to Freedom & Wholeness.

Our Vision

Whole people that know God and express Him freely

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, motivate, and transform lives through speaking, music, art,  writing, and all forms of digital media. We contribute to filling the gaps in people’s lives that hold them back from a life of freedom & wholeness; whether in their personal or professional lives. We positively influence individuals, communities, and culture through music, art, and creativity.