Mervin Budram – MD Headlines Belize City’s Holy Week Revival Concert Featuring Sinach

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Mervin Budram, a Belizean gospel artist and songwriter, is known for his vibrant and powerful live performances. He has captivated audiences all over the world with his passionate and soulful songs that move listeners to freedom & wholeness.

The two-day concert, which took place on April 4th and 5th, featured some of the best gospel music from Belize and around the world. It was headlined by Budram and also included African worship leader Sinach, who is known for her songs ‘Waymaker’ and ‘I know who I Am.’

The concert was an unforgettable experience, with Budram and Sinach bringing their unique styles of gospel music to the stage. The concert was a powerful celebration of faith, with both artists sharing uplifting and inspiring messages. Christians from all over Belize gathered at Digi Park in Belize City to Worship Jesus.

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