Homecoming Riddim Project is out

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It’s no surprise that the homecoming riddim project, produced by Joshua Ali, is taking the music world by storm. The project features 14 artists from all over the world, creating a unique blend of sounds and styles. The project has been highly praised for its diversity and for its ability to bridge musical cultures & bring a message of hope for NOW.

Artists from Belize, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Jamaica, the United States, Canada, and Barbados have come together to combine their unique styles and create something truly special.

Meet some of the artists and their songs below

He is Knocking by Mervin Budram – MD 🇧🇿

Come Now by Lisa Harris 🇯🇲

This is my season by Octavia 🇧🇧

Revinal by Neesha Woodz 🇧🇧

Praises by Flambo 🇹🇹

Gospel Energy by Johnathan Williams 🇹🇹

Homecoming by Mr. Fearless 🇬🇩

Hall Ah Fame by Larynx Merit 🇺🇸

This Feeling by Minister Seon 🇬🇾

The project has quickly gained traction in the Christian music circles and is already receiving glowing reviews. It’s a testament to the ability of music to bring people together and break down barriers. No matter where you’re from or what kind of music you’re into, the homecoming riddim project is something worth checking out. Its unique sound and diverse lineup make it a must-listen for any music fan.

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