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Mervin opened the journal of his life and extracted Break Free – his personal life journey of God’s relentless love, patience & commitment to mankind.

merv-about-imgBREAK FREE ALBUM

This album describes the movement from bondage to freedom; from a position of retreat to a massive army advancing against the enemies of God’s Kingdom. Encoded with hype, conscious, epic musical sounds of the Caribbean, Mervin delivers his best work to date. Guest pioneers like Emrand Henry, Reconciliation, MessnJah, Louis Wade Jr., YPB, Briston Xavier, Kevan Guzman, Ripple effect Band, Dan D, Ladie Indie, Tatenda, and Ruvy adds further variety to this confident release.



By Your Side is the result of a twelve-year-old’s first attempt to pen his deepest desires after spending weeks studying the topic of worship & the benefits of worship. “I want to see Your face, Hear Your voice, sit at Your feet, be by Your side” emerged as 12-year-old Mervin search his soul for an expression of worship that’s pleasing to God. By Your Side is for all those who are longing for more, wanting to daily connect with Yahweh. In verse one, MD starts out by giving God thanks and praise for the new life; He goes on to surrender the day and his life to God. Mervin asks for healing so he can go forth and proclaim God’s name to the nations. In staying through to the heart of worship where every tribe, tongue, and nation will praise Yahweh’s name, MD had his Zimbabwean friends Ruvy Chitungo & Tatenda Pahwaringira open and close the song with the proclamation of praise in Zimbabwean dialect.

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“Too often Christians take a defensive position when it comes to spiritual warfare,” says MD, “when in truth, God has given us the weapons needed to overcome the works of Satan.” Mervin Budram – MD penned the lyrics ‘Going Down’ to sound the trumpet for those feeling oppressed by this world; those hiding in fear, those who are ready to rise up and be enlisted in God’s army and advance forward. MD encourages listeners to put on their spiritual armor (Ephesians 6) as the chorus strongly proclaim; “We’re going down into the enemy’s camp and we’re going to bring it down.”  For all those needing to engage in spiritual warfare, this one is for you.

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Coming out of his teenage years and seeing the roller coaster Christianity Mervin personally live out, a desire to get serious with God and walk away from hypocrisy rose up in MD’s heart. The soul search took him a few years and while the chorus and verse for Serious Thing were written when Mervin was 20, He did not finish and release the song until 33. He insisted that this song was firstly addressed to Him and he had to take the time to deal with those issue in his own life before presenting this hard truth to anyone else. Serious Thing is not written from a place of condemnation or judgment but rather from a place of LOVE. Love for God and love for those serving in the Kingdom. Mervin Believe we are called to go into all the world and make disciples, preaching the good news of the Gospel. BUT we’ve got to be those who are committed to living it NOT just singing, and teaching about it. Serious Thing is an encouragement to followers of Jesus to truly get right with God and walk away from a life of hypocrisy.

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All creation is longing and waiting for the Sons of God to be revealed. This is one of the scriptures that became real to Mervin. Looking into his lineage, Mervin speaks to Africa, the nation of his heritage; Jerusalem, the nation of his source in God; and Belize, his land of birth; MD declares that it’s time to Rise Up and be the sons and daughters’ creation needs us to be. Mervin boldly declares that the only way for the brokenness in the world, the criminal violence, lost, captives and all other oppression to stop; for the captive to be set free, is through Jesus Christ; who is the answer and key for mankind’s ills. Rise Up Children is for those who desire to come out of slavery, the status quo, third world mindsets and recognize who they are; stand their ground as children of the Jehovah, and see their world around them transformed.

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Giant Slayer is an anthem for those who have been bullied and oppressed by people, situations and even unseen forces. It’s an invitation to trust In God as you pick up the weapon’s God has trained you with; to take out your Giants. This song is close to Mervin’s heart as he was a victim of continual bullying growing up. He learned how to stand firm and fight and used his music as a tool to confront and overcome the voices of his Giants.

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It seems there is a growing culture of death in the world and Belize is no stranger to this dilemma. MD looked into the issue of his culture and he encourages the gangs & those committing crimes and violence to STOP, think about their lives, put down the gun and value life. Put Away is for all those who are ready to end the culture of death and instead give life and love to others.

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“Too long, I’ve been trapped in a maze-like journey…” Often in our search for security and comfort, we find ourselves trapped in situations that enslaves us mentally and physically. This can be a quick escape from reality that leads to addictions or other life-dominating habits. It’s said that the battle to get clean from addiction is often so intense that many settle to live a life of slavery to the addiction rather than fight for the freedom that is accessible. Break Free is for all those who are tired of being captive and ready to embrace the fight for freedom. MD believes and expresses through the lyrics of Break Free song that TRUE freedom can only be realized through the help of the Holy Spirit leading as pointed out in the Bible.

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When Jesus walked the earth, He said to his disciples and the crowd that came to hear him speak… “I am the way the truth and the LIFE…” Peter the apostle said, “silver and goal I do not have but what I have I give to you…” Give Life is for all those who is ready to access the full power of the eternal Life Jesus has to offer.

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In Ephesians, Paul the apostle encourages believers to put on their armor of God so they can stand in the evil day. An important part of the armor is the sword which is the word of God. MD encourage listeners to firstly recognize that the Kingdom of God is on the move and those enlisted need to draw out their swords and fight against the ills of this era we’re living in. MD goes on to identify that the battle isn’t against flesh and blood but against mindset, ideas, philosophies that leads humanity into a path of selfishness. Pull Out Your Sword is for all those who’s ready to go against the normality of the time we are living in and wage war.

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His Blood was penned in a dark season of Mervin’s life. He was 19 years old, recently re-dedicated his life to God and was struggling with condemnation.  He stumbled on Roman’s 8 which said: “What shall separate me from the love of God…” The lyrics started to flow out of him as he allowed the love of God to wash him over. His Blood is for all those who need assurance of God’s forgiveness, His mercy and restoration.

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At birth, the doctor gave Mervin’s mom the report that his heart, liver and lungs wasn’t working and he would only live for a few hours. MD’s mom, being a religious woman,  took him to pastor Evans of Faith Assembly of God church who prayed for him and Mervin experienced the first genuine miracle in his life. The new report after prayer was, “There’s a new heart, lungs, & liver.” From a young age, Mervin new God had a planned for his life but during his teenage years, he got distracted from his path. Christ Da Winna is a testimony of God’s ability to rescue us from any situation and get us back on track.

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