Belize Guatemala Joint Worship

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Mervin had the honor of being apart of the joint Belize and Guatemala Worship team. Leader from Belize went to the Western Border to meet with pastors & leaders from Guatemala. Everyone worshipped God together, prayed together for peace between the nations of Belize & Guatemala, for the resolution of conflict, for respect, for honor, and for REVIVAL in both our nations!!

The highlight was lining up & laying hands on each other, blessing each others lives, families, ministries, and countries!! The presence of the Living God was TANGIBLE, and something SHIFTED right there!! Belize, Guatemala, was called into your eternal destinies as nations!!!

Mervin said “People don’t realize, it’s a tremendous amount of work to pull stuff like this together, but when you step into His Amazing Grace in an event like this, and you sense something shift, you sense the spirit of DESTINY, and the power of God to change nations, it’s all worth it!! The worship team, the laborers, the border officials who were really excited to see this happen! It was just a “God Thing!” Let’s have MORE GOD THINGS!!”

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