Belize Gospel Hits Spotify Playlist

I was speaking with a friend from Atlanta Georgia and he was sharing his perspective on the impact music has. He said music is the only thing he knows that has the ability to heal the soul. I immediately sat up and listened closely to what he said as I dissect the truth being released.

My mind went to the book of Psalms from the bible as I thought of King David & the many contributors who release songs expressing the deep longings of the soul. While I don’t believe music is the ONLY thing that heals the soul; Wait! What?

You heard right. I’m a Christian. Jesus heals.

So yea!! Now that that’s behind us, I do believe music plays a key role in the healing process and more songs need to be written and released that will contribute to healing the souls of men & women all over the world. God knows we need it. Especially post COVID

The power of music is undeniable. From its ability to affect our emotions and memories to the way it unites people, music is one of the most powerful things in the world. As musicians, singers & songwriters, I implore you. We have a sober responsibility to release music that will inspire, motivate and transform the lives of the listeners for the better. We can do this!

And you are doing it as more and more Belizean gospel artists have entered the Belize Christian music industry in the past few years. That’s amazing news, right? But I do want to point out that often you don’t hear about these artists or their songs because they get lost in the saturated streamverse. Moreover, the Belize Christian music industry is still in its infancy stage and there’s lots of growth potential.

It’s with that in mind that our team decided to put together a Belize Gospel Hits Spotify Playlist that features some of the new and old artists emerging in Belize such as Mervin Budram – MD, MessMjah, Denniss Requena, Andrew Rhaburn, Kirwin Ramirez, 501 Genisis & much more. It’s our hope that when you think about discovering NEW gospel music coming out of Belize, the Belize Gospel Music Hits playlist will be top of your list.

So with that said, we need your support as a Belize coalition of Gospel artists. Kindly stream the playlist as often as possible and share it with your friend looking for the latest and most popular gospel hits coming out of Belize. Every time you stream our music, you help us get more awareness, as well as a few cents in our pockets.

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