TTG Youth Fest 2023 Goal$250 USD of $17,500 USD
$250 USD of $17,500 USD

DATE: July 8th, 2023

Take The Gospel (TTG) Youth Fest 2023

TTG Youth Fest is a one-day community outreach designed for youth and young adults, but open to all ages. This positive event features sports competitions, fun games, a dynamic concert & inspirational messages from motivational speakers; all geared toward inspiring, motivating, and transforming the lives of the young and young at heart. The event showcases Belizean talents as well as creates yet another platform for them to share their stories through expressive arts such as music, dance, drama, spoken word, and other art forms.

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We cannot accomplish this God-given vision without the faithful help and support of people like you, who are willing to give their time, resources, and love to our youth.


We do the work in prayer and pick up the pieces after. I am earnestly coveting your prayers for our family, logistic team, all the ministers prepping to come, the youth of Belize that God would prepare their hearts; and for financial provision to fulfill the mission.


We need your help. We are looking for passionate Kingdom-minded individuals who are willing to offer their time, talents, and resources to serve the mission of Take The Gospel Youth Fest. Kindly use the form below to let us know in what area you’d love to serve.

3. Give

We need to raise the funds to cover all the logistics including sound system & related equipment, accommodation, transport, marketing, hospitality, & other related expenses. You can partner with us by giving a one-time or monthly financial donation towards this vision. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION

kindly use the form below: